Quick Dam QDERLKIT Emergency Home Flood Prevention Kit, Black, 23 Piece

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  • Patented Flood Bags & Barriers absorb, contain & divert problem flood water
  • Solar Lantern included FREE
  • Inner absorbent turns to gel & creates a barrier
  • Grows to full size in minutes, 3. 5in high - stack as needed
  • Compact, lightweight & quick & easy to deploy
  • Damaged Box/Open BoxThe ultimate emergency kit to have on hand!
  • Packed with a variety of bags and barriers, these products will protect and divert problem water from entering where you don't want it! This kit comes with a free solar charged lantern in case of any power outages and it also charges any device! Flood Bags and Flood Barriers are water-activated and swell to full size in minutes. Use for doorways, entry ways, garage doors, erosion control and any problem water issues. Please note: not for use with salt water.

  • What's in the box
    (5) 5ft Flood Barriers,
    (5) 10ft Flood Barriers
    (2) 17ft Flood Barriers
    (10) 2ft Flood Bags
    (1) Solar Charged Lantern

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