Janitized JAN-CMPRO-2(10) Paper Premium Replacement Commercial Vacuum Bag for CleanMax Standard & Pro, Tennant V-SMU-14, Tornado CK QD & Pro, CarpetPro CPU & Fuller FB-06265 Vacuum Cleaners(10 - 10 packs)

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Janitized premium aftermarket vacuum bags and filters are designed for commercial cleaning professionals. We incorporate filter materials that meet or exceed OEM Filter specifications and performance. Our products are exceptionally tough and durable; built to handle demanding cleaning applications while improving indoor air quality.

  • Designed to fit: CleanMax Standard and Pro Series, CarpetPro CPU1/T, CPU2/T, CPU75/T and CPU85/T, Fuller models FB90, FBP95, FBPHD and FBTM, Tennant V-SMU-14 and V-DMU-14, Tornado CK 14/1 QD, CK 14/1 Pro and CK 14/2, Riccar Type A Vibrance
  • Equivalent to OEM#: CMP and CMS-SF and SMPS-SF, CP-14000 and CP-18180 and CP-18250, 06.181 and FB-06265, 9007744 and 9007743, 06.267 and CMS-SF and CMPS-SF, 90147, C13
  • 2-ply combination paper and melt blown micro filter
  • 10-vacuum bags per package
  • Includes secondary filters

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