HVAC Premium Aluminum Return Grille, 36x24, White

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  • Beautifull and Sturdy Aluminum
  • Easy Front Access to replace Filter
  • Easy Clean Healthy Air Flow
  • Carefully shrink wrapped with cardboard backing to prevent damage in shipment
  • Screws Included - No Sharp Surface Edges
36w" x 24h" opening dimension (filter size) - actual total grille size is approx 2" wider.
Aluminum is Beauty and Strength all in one.
This model is for the "Filter" grille, meaning, it has a slot to put in your filter.
You may think of grilles and registers as a generic component of the ventilation system in your house.
But they are also the most visible representation of you air system.
These grilles and registers give you an extra measure of quality that you can point out to your family members and house guests.
Some of our best features aren't readily apparent, but you’ll appreciate the benefits over a long period of time.

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