Hearing Amplifier Aid Devices PSAP for Seniors,Model GMS-311

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Deliver‘SOUND’to all the persons you care about



1. Digital processing chip, fine sound quality, comfortable listening.

2. Reduce noise and prevent howling, adapt to various occasions.

3. 3 different frequency modes and 4 channel for you choices, adapt to any environment.

5. The product color is close to the skin color of the human body, beautiful to wear.

6. Shell nano coating, waterproof and sweatproof.

7. Ergonomic design, small and exquisite and not easy to fall.

8. USB charging, fast charging, long use time(without frequent battery replacement)

9. There are different sizes of earplugs, suitable for everyone, medical materials, comfortable to wear.

10. Match cleaning tools to extend service life.

11. Put it on a small box, portable and go out.

12. Match instructions manual, easy to understand and easy to operate.


How to wear the Personal Sound Amplifiers?

Step1: Make sure the Personal Sound Amplifiers are enough charged.

Step2: Turn off the Hearing Amplifiers, adjust the gear to the minimum, and select the noise reduction mode.

Step3: Rotate to wear the Personal Sound Amplifiers. The contour of the Hearing Amplifiers matches the contour of the auricle.

Step4: Turn on Personal Sound Amplifiers after put in ears well, then turn up the sound gradually.

Step5: Turn off Personal Sound Amplifiers before removing from ears.

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