Excellerations STEM Translucent Light Blocks - Set of 100 in a Bin

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Ages 3+ / Grades: PreK-1

Let the light shine through!

  • MULTI-USE: Ideal for use with natural light or light table to show brilliant colors. Translucent colors allow light to pass through them.
  • SET/SIZE INCLUDED:30 cubes: 1-1/4 inches, 20 cylinders: 1-1/4 inches H x 1-1/4 inches D,15 rectangles: 1-1/4"= inches H x 3-3/4 inches L x 1-1/4 inches W,15 arches: 1-1/4 inches H x 3-3/4 inches L x 1-1/4 inches W, 10 right triangles: 2-1/2 inches H x 1-1/4 inches W x 1-1/4 inches L, 10 isosceles triangles: 1-1/4 inches H x 2-1/2 inches L x 1-1/4 inches W.
  • COLORS: red, blue, green, yellow, orange and clear.
  • RATIO: With 6 shapes and 6 translucent colors and lots of basic pieces based on the unit measurement of 1-1/4 inches they're the proper ratio for easy building.
  • COLOR MIXING: Use for color mixing and experimentation.

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