DiveSafe Delayed Surface Marker Buoy - 6ft Open Bottom with Over Pressure Valve, High Visibility Reflective Band, Strobe Light or Flashlight Holder, 100ft ABS Finger Reel and Whistle

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  • Dive Safely in Crowded Areas or Signal Your Boat Team - A safety sausage is necessary gear for every scuba diver, whether it's to avoid crowded marinas, bays or lakes from other boats or jet skis or to flag your boat team where you are located while in the ocean or drift diving. Our safety marker is 6ft tall, with Diver Below markings and a weighted bottom to ensure maximum visibility during the day.
  • Be Seen At Night in an Emergency - We have designed our DSMB to be seen at night, with a highly visible reflective band wrapped fully around the diving marker and two holders at the top of the tube, one for a strobe light and another for a diving flashlight or torch, that will shine high into the sky to allow you to be seen by boats from up to 500 yards away.
  • Reliable and Rupture Resistant - Made from a 210D Nylon Fabric, double stitched with a TPU coating for added strength, our delayed surface marker buoy (DSMB) can be safely deployed at depth. Included is an over pressure valve that will ensure that over inflation or rapid expansion does not compromise the SMB upon surfacing. Simply inflate orally or with your octo regulator through the opening in the bottom.
  • No Need to Worry about Losing Your Reel Underwater - with our compact all in one design, your 100ft dive spool is housed inside a mesh pouch and attached to the DSMB. Simply attach the SMB to your BCD with the D-clip and you'll avoid having to carry a reel in your pocket and connecting it underwater. Nothing is more of a pain, than dropping your reel underwater and having to reel that back up.
  • Included 100ft Dive Reel and Whistle Accessories - Our finger spool is an ABS reel with 100ft of yellow line and includes a double ended clip. Attached to the top of the markers is a non brittle plastic dive whistle, with two sound chambers and can be heard from over a half mile away and will not freeze, meaning it will be as effective during winter ice dives or in tropical oceans.

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