Malaki Muattar (24g) | Long Lasting Oud Wood Incense Chips with Sultry Turkish Rose, Spanish Saffron, Agarwood, Amber, Sandalwood | Use with Charcoal/Electric Bukhoor Burners (Mabkhara) | Frankincense

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  • BLEND: Majestic blend of florals, spices, amber and woods offer a unique experience in scent and quality that elevates your surroundings to new echelons with deceptively simple opening of Turkish rose. Each facet unveils a new layer of satin petals until it gently melts into precious strands of saffron. Rare spice adds floral warmth, rising to meet an extraordinary blend of agarwood, which is gently cloaked in velvet sandalwood, you assume a new poise you didn’t know you had.
  • AUTHENTIC: Original and part of the Arabic assorted bukhoor (incense) collection that is made in the Dubai, U.A.E. by Swiss Arabian. Each type of SwissArabian Bakhoor is enriched with various natural ingredients including aromatic woods, exotic flowers, natural barks, tree and tree extracts, resins, leaves, flowers and our rich and exotic perfume blends.
  • SAMPLES AVAILABLE: If you would like to try Malaki Muattar or any of the other great best sellers (Mukhalat Malaki, Kashkha, Dukhoon Al Jazeera, Muattar Angham, Oudh Bukhoor, Muattar Al Majlis, Bait Al Arab, etc) consider ordering the Bakhoor Samples Collection (which currently features 21 of our best selling incense creations, including this one). You may also want to consider our Artisan Perfume Oil blends Sample Kit as well.
  • FRESH & ORGANIC: The scent adds a touch of indefinable style to any home or as a personal perfume for Men and Women. Its chic fragrance is elegant and multi-faceted, releasing its notes one by one like scented bubbles of fragrance. Natural Oils and Organic Arabic Perfume Oud Incense (Agarwood) in the form of Wood Chips, it is not resin based nor is it in the form sticks/tablets. Ideal for use with standard traditional Middle Eastern charcoal/coal bakhoor burner or electric incense burners.

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