Portable Hookah; Miami Hookah by Sophia Smokes | Acrylic Hookah Box with Silicone Hookah Bowl, Hose and Metal Charcoal Holder | with LED and Remote | Tongs Included

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  • ALUABLE SET: Comes in a Set including Hookah, Hose, Silicone Bowl, Charcoal Holder, Thongs, LED light, and Remote.
  • HEAT CONTROL: You can easily control the heat with the top part of the charcoal holder. You can open it to let the heat out or close it to hold the heat inside.
  • PORTABLE OPTION: Since the hookah body is made out of acrylic, it is unbreakable. You are able to easily take the hookah to the beach, pool or park.
  • MODERN DESIGN: The Design of the Sophia Smokes Miami Hookah is super modern and fits in any scenario. It looks elegant and has the ability to change the color of the LED light.

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