JFIEEI Electric Gel Ball Blaster, Splat Ball Blaster with 10,000 Gel Balls, High Performance Assembled Gel Blaster for Outdoor Activities by Boys and Girls Ages 12+ (Blue)

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  • Fully Automatic Water Blaster - Each Water ball gun is designed with a switch. After turning it on, you can pull the trigger to shoot water balls. It can shoot 8+ gels per second, which can be within a distance of 15-20m.
  • 3 in 1 Electric Gel Blaster - Gel Gun Blaster with three modes of use can shoot fragile water balls as projectiles. It is a safe toy that will not attack people.
  • Environmentally and Safety - The water ball will explode immediately after encountering an obstacle. they will disappear completely when dry and won't stain clothes and places. The hopper can hold 500pcs at a time, the capacity large enough for you to enjoy hours of entertainment
  • Water Ball Instructions - Water Balls are made of biodegradable materials and need to be soaked in HOT/WARM water for 3-4 hours to achieve the best effect (7-8mm). If can't be shot out, it proves that the soaking time is too short and you need to re-soak.
  • Easy to Install and Use - The electric gel gun is easy to assemble and detachable. Turn on the switch of the gun toy and you’ll enjoy hours of fun! (Please read the manual carefully before using it. If there is any problem, please contact us by email.)

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