OEM Radiator Cap Assembly 21430-8991A 21501-9HA0A Upper Coolant Radiator Filler Neck and Water Outlet Flange Compatible with Nissan Altima

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  • ☑️TOP QUALITY/ Is your vehicle overheating? When this happens it is an obvious sign that something is wrong with the cooling system and a malfunction in the water intake or hoses may be the cause. These components are responsible for transporting the coolant in the vehicle, when the water intake or hoses break they can cause leaks of the liquid affecting the operation of the vehicle.
  • 🔵 FEATURES: 【RADIATOR FILLER NECK】: ORIGINAL part made of durable and high quality plastic. Its high strength gives it greater durability and boosts its performance.
  • 🔵【HOSES】: OME part made of durable and quality rubber, withstands high temperature, clamps included ready to install. 【RADIATOR CAP】: Stainless steel part enhanced with high strength and Japanese quality materials. Its excellent properties provide great durability and guarantee its good performance.
  • 📦 PACKAGE INCLUDES: Package with 2PCS hose clamps, one (1PCS) upper coolant radiator filler neck and 1PCS radiator cap.
  • Material Stainless Steel, Plastic, Rubber
  • Exterior Stainless Steel,Plastic,Rubber

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