efohana WO03XL Laptop Battery Replacement for HP Split 13-M 13-M001TU 13-M002TU 13-M003TU 13T-M000 13T-M100 CTO X2 Series Notebook HSTNN-DB5I HSTNN-IB5I 725496-1B1 725496-271 11.1V 33Wh 2950mAh

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  • Type: WO03XL // Voltage: 11.1V // Capacity: 33Wh 2950mAh 3-Cells // Condition: Brand New
  • Compatible Part Numbers: WO03XL HSTNN-IB5I HSTNN-DB5I W003XL W0O3XL WOO3XL 725496-1B1 TPN-Q133 725496-271 725606-001 725496-171 725496-2B1 725606-001 3ICP/59/121
  • Compatible Machine Models: HP Split 13-M 13-M001TU 13-M001XX 13-M002TU 13-M003TU 13-M005TU 13-M006TU 13-M007TU 13-M008TU 13-M009TU 13-M010DX 13-M010TU 13-M011TU series; HP Split 13T-M000 CTO X2 series; HP Split 13T-M100 CTO X2 series
  • Note: Please refer to the picture before purchasing to ensure that the original battery is the same as the picture. Although the laptop models are the same, the models of the batteries used inside the computers may be different. Though the battery models are the same, the appearance and interface of the battery may be different. Though they may be compatible with each other but the connecting wire lengths and batteries sizes may be different so the batteries may not be installed.
  • Working Instructions: Please use the original charger to charge the laptop. Don't discharge the battery to 0%. Please charge the laptop when the battery is used up to 5%. Don't fully charge the laptop. When the battery is charged to 95%, please stop charging.

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