Power Junkie by Blind Spot - Multi use NPF Battery Plate for filmmakers Using NP-F Batteries - Mirrorless or BMPCC Power - It's Also a npf Charger - Battery Plate with Industry Mount.

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  • Power most DSLR/Mirrorless camera rigs plus BMPCC 4K / BMPCC 6K: Filmmaking is tough on your batteries, with the Power Junkie use Sony NP-F batteries to power your camera.
  • Use three ports simultaneously: A 2.5mm DC port and 2x USB-A. Power your camera, a film light and another accessory all at the same time up to 28W. The ultimate power adapter and battery plate.
  • Charge and Sony NP-F battery: Input power for charging via USB C or USB Micro. USB power is available everywhere from your phone charger to your car charger; chances are you are already set up.
  • Industry mounting: Using a 1/4" it can be mounted to any cage, a cold shoe also gives you the flexibility of mounting and un-mounting quickly. A zip tie mount adds even more flexibility.
  • LED power indicator: Have full visibility of your battery. Monitor how much power is left, when charging it also monitors how full the battery is.

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