GAMMA+ X-Ergo Professional Cordless Clipper with 9V Microchipped Magnetic Motor, 3 Custom Lids in Matte Chrome, Gold, Rose Gold

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  • 9V MICROCHIPPED LONG-LIFE MAGNETIC MOTOR runs at 10,000 strokes per minute, has over 5,000 hours of motor life, and whisper quiet operation
  • DOUBLE BLACK DIAMOND CARBON FIXED TAPER BLADE and DLC shallow tooth cutter is highest quality, stays cooler, rust-free, and sharper longer
  • LITHIUM-ION BATTERY delivers an industry leading 2 hours of cordless run-time with a 105 minute rapid charge
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE ZERO GAP BLADE for the closest cut and finish
  • 3 INTERCHANGEABLE CUSTOM BODY housing options for limitless modifications
  • MODULAR LEVERS and CUSTOMIZABLE performance options including click, spring-click, and free-style floating taper action in 3 colors (gold, chrome, black)
  • TIGHT OR STRETCH TAPER BRACKETS for long or short taper options

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