STANDTALL Electric Car Jack Kit 5 Ton 12V Car Jack Hydraulic with Impact Wrench and Tire Inflator Pump, Electric Car Floor Jack Red with LED Light

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About this item

  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: The electric car jack can raise a maximum of 10000 lbs ranging from 5.9 -17.7 inches, and the self locking structure ensures the jacks are always stable. The jack’s steel body with paint increases durability and resistance to rust.
  • LIFTING RANGE: 5.9 -17.7 inches: The electric car jack kit lifting height range is from 5.9~ 17.7 inches. Lift the vehicle in less than a minute by the jack, change a tire quickly. Non-slip cross groove design. Freely adjustable height.
  • ALL-IN-ONE KIT: The electric car jack set includes an electric car jack , an automatic air pump and an electric impact wrench, so it can meet multiple demands. The panel is easy to understand and operate. The jack can automatically rise and fall simply by pressing the button, and the pressure gauge is convenient for viewing the inflation pressure.
  • COMPLETE ACCESSORY KIT: Including electric car jack; electric impact wrench; safety hammer; plastic case; 3.5m power cable; Battery Clamp with Wire; Pair of Gloves; User Manual, etc. The Gatos Hidraulicos para carros very portable and easy to use.
  • SAFE & INDISPENSABLE: The electric car jack will automatically stop working when it reaches its height limit. This electric hydraulic jack is indispensable for roadside emergency and is also useful for at home auto and heavy duty truck repairs. You don't have to ask for someone to help change tires when being stranded on the road.

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