Color Blind Glasses Clip-on CX3 Sun for Deutan and Protan Colour Blindness Glasses for Red and Green Color Vision Disorder Correction Outdoor and Indoor Use Flip-able

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  • 【2022 NEW CLIP ON COLOR BLIND GLASSES】Clipping on these color correction glasses may help myopia and presbyopia users to to identify red and green colors, and see the colorful world they missed before.
  • 【DESIGNED FOR THE RED-GREEN COLOR BLIND】The Round Cube clip-on color blind glasses help protanopia and deuteranopia indentifying red and green colors with the latest light filtering technologies that. These color blind glasses help minimize distortion and increase contrast for red and green colors. These color blind glasses are non-polarized.
  • 【INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE COLOR CORRECTING GLASSES】Our color-correcting glasses of red green are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use though it works with better results in a brighter environment. Please assess your color blindness before purchasing. These color blind glasses work best for people affected by mild / medium / strong color blind.
  • 【LIGHT WEIGHT DESIGN & FASHION MIRRORED COATING】 These color blind glasses combine the latest light-filtering technology with fashion mirror coating design. They look like normal sunglasses but help users to identify red and green colors without glare. The clip on glasses are new lighter design, small and easy to be put on and take off. The tender rubber gloves on the clips prevent scratching the frame and lenses of the existing glasses. And they are big enough to cover most type of glasses.
  • 【A LIFE CHANGING GIFT for COLOR BLIND】Color blind glasses clip-on for red-green color vision disorder. Some color blind people will see much improvement in certain colors and not so much in others. But they will be very happy because they could re-recognize and see the world. Enjoy seeing rich vibrant colors that most people experience all the time and take for granted.

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