Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock, MAXFREE Keyless Entry Keypad Smart Deadbolt with 1-Touch Motorized Locking and 3 Backup Keys, for The Home, Office, Hotel and Garage

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  • ❤High Security- After failing to enter the password 5 times in a row, the keyboard door lock will be deactivated for 5 minutes, and only the physical key can enter. In addition, the door lock has a unique code masquerading feature that allows you to enter code in front of others without revealing a password.
  • ❤Humanity Design- The sense smart deadbolt lock has a 10-99 seconds automatic lock function, which can ensure the safety of your home when you forget to close the door. If you no longer need to automatically lock, you can turn it off manually. And 1-button locking and automatic backlit keyboard for added convenience.
  • ❤The password or key is up to you- you can choose a password or key to enter. This door lock has 6 customizable user passwords, a 4-6 digit password and a password that can only be used once, making it ideal for rental property management, short-term rental hosts, and home improvement.
  • ❤Easy to Install - The MAXFREE electronic code lock is suitable for door thicknesses from 1-3 / 8" to 2" (35mm - 51mm) and can be easily installed using a screwdriver for a few minutes. Note: Please refer to the installation manual for better use.

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