Solar-Powered Digital Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS), 80ft Sensing Distance, for RV Camper, Travel Trailer, Folding Camper, Motor Home, Fifth Wheel, etc.(0-199 psi) (-4-176)

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  • 1. INCREASED SAFETY: It accurately monitors and displays the tire pressure in real time while driving so as to decrease the likelihood of flats, explosions, and crashes. Maintaining proper tire pressure and temperature ensures vehicle safety, helps achieve desired fuel economy and gives you a piece of mind.
  • 2. EASY INSTALLATION: The preset program makes it quite simple for the user, who will just turn on the monitor and then install the sensors on the tires. No drilling holes or complicated programming.It alarms by flashing and beeping once the digits exceed preset safety parameters.
  • 3. USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: The monitor has separate controls for RV and trailer sensors which allows you to turn off trailer control when driving RV only. It comes with a repeater, which boosts signal and overcomes distance and electromagnetic interference challenges. Beside, Auto shut-off works after about 5 minutes of non-activity so as to provide a longer battery life.
  • 4. CHANGEABLE PROGRAMMING: The preset tire pressures are 58-116 PSI, but you can change them into your desired ones from 0 to 199 PSI. The preset maximum temperature is 65℃, but you can change it up to 93℃. As an upgraded version, the pressure and temperature limits of tires can be set up separately for your preference.

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