License Plate WiFi Backup Camera - IP69 Waterproof Night Vision License Plate Frame Camera for Cars, Trucks, Vans, Pickups, SUVs, WiFi Backup Camera for iPhone/Android Phone, Guide Lines On/Off

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RVInWest Wifi License Plate Frame Backup Camera for iPhone,iPad,Android APP

Easy to Use
1.Install the camera on your license plate.
2.Connect the backup camera with reversing lights/running lights/other DC 9-36V power, when the lights/power is on, the backup camera will create its WiFi signal (No Internet Support).Connect the red power wire to the positive pole of 9-36V DC power supply, the black power wire to the negative pole.(We recommend you to use the taillight as power supply).
3.Searching "SWD Camera" in App Store or Google Play and install the app on your smart phone.
4.Connect your phone to the WIFI, which is with a name beginning with "SWD".
5.Open the app to use this wireless backup system.


▪ Image Sensors: lR Color CCD camera

▪ Resolution: 1024x600 pixels

▪ TV lines: 540

▪ Lens Angle: 150°

▪ Power Supply: DC12V-36V

▪ Operating Temperature: -20~70℃ , RH95%

Package Includes:
1 x Wifi Backup Camera
1 x Power Cabl
1 x User Manual
1 x Installation Kits

The App is suitable for most of mobile phone and tablet, but not for Nokia 6, Google I, Google II, Google Pixel 2,REDMI NOTE4 and Moto Z series.
IOS requires IOS 8.0 above version
Android requires 4.0 above version

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