Digi-Sense AO-98767-68 Traceable Excursion-Trac Data Logging Thermometer with Calibration; 2 Plastic Bottle Probes

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About this item

  • Accuracy: 0.25 degree c
  • Alarm: yes
  • Battery: aaa battery (2)
  • Data logging: yes
  • Display type: lcd, 1/2 inch


Before attaining a temperature monitoring device, knowing how the unit functions is important when trying to meet the main goal of your facility. The purpose of these devices is to notify personnel in case something

bad has happened, such as a temperature excursion. Therefore, it is important to know how an alert will be sent. Whether the alert is visual, audible, an email, or a text, a plan should take place immediately afterwards. Another significant aspect is to understand how the download is performed and whether or not the method is ideal for certain practices. The format of data will determine the ease with which personnel can meaningfully analyze data.

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