SNPE Wave Pillow (Pink). Posture Correction Exercise Tool for Back, Shoulder and Neck. Half Foam Roller (ABS) for Relaxing Hip Muscle and Calf Stretching.

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About this item

  • SNPE wave pillow is half foam roller used for effectively performing posture exercises. The material is Premium ABS Plastic. This color is pink
  • Learn SNPE's posture correction movements by watching the videos on YouTube (turn on subtitle)
  • Correct the posture and relieve pain of upper back, shoulders, neck, lower back
  • Half roller with ABS material is an excellent way to relax the muscle of the legs and hips which round foam roller cannot be used properly
  • Stretch the calf by standing on the surface of wave pillow
  • SNPE is the largest posture correction community in South Korea
  • SNPE app is available on iOS and Android to assess your current posture

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