Landline Phone Call Recorder Automatic/Manual Telephone Calls Recording Device for Digital/Analog/VoIP Phone Systems Lines

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About this item

  • Automatic/ Manual Call Recording: All incoming and outgoing calls can be set to record automatically. In manual mode, you can choose to record only certain phone calls with a click of a button.
  • Analog, VoIP, Digital Phone Line Compatible: Not only can the landline phone recorders record on analog phone lines, the landline call recorder can also record on digital and VoIP phones.
  • Time/ Date Stamp: The time/date of each recording is displayed on the screen. Each file on the sd card is organized in chronological order and stamped with the time/date.
  • Loop Recording/ Expandable Memory (32GB included): Recording is never stopped due to a full memory card; when the memory fills up the newest calls are recorded over the oldest calls on the sd card. This landline phone recorder supports class 10 micro SD card, maximum supports 128GB(NOT Included!), we offers free 32GB memory card in the device.
  • External Speaker/ Computer Playback: Playback your recordings on the external speaker. Remove the SD card and playback/store the recordings on any MAC or Windows computer; no extra software is needed.

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