Marijuana Electric Temperature Controller Briidea Digital Temperature Controller, Thermostat Heater Kit With 20MM Heating Coil

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Marijuana Electric Temperature Controller

briidea Digital Temperature Controller, Thermostat Heater Kit with 20MM Heating Coil (Titanium Accessories Included), 110V


Product Features:
  • DUAL DISPLAY OF SET AND CURRENT TEMPERATURE The screen of Briidea digital thermostat heater with 20mm heating coil displays the temperature you set and the current temperature of the heating coil at the same time temperature set range 300-999 easy to read
  • PECULIARITY When the temperature you set is reached the screen of digital temperature controller will display your usage time and accumulate time so you can clear to know the total time you use
  • INTELLIGENT The temperature controller thermostat has last set temperature memory so once you find your ideal temperature you won t need to change the temperature every time you use it which is more convenient and inetlligent The default setting temperature is 710
  • SECURITY This temperature controller no glue inside no noise when rocking It is grounded and makes with flame retardant material avoid safety hazards so you don t need to worry about your safety during use 110V
  • PORTABLE The unit is designed to be very compact lightweight it takes up no space and is convenient for you to use anytime anywhere

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