Freedom Distribution Enterprises Upgraded Wireless 2-in-1 Dog Fence and Training System for One Dog, Dog Training, Wireless Pet Containment System, One Collar Wireless Dog Fence

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  • 🐾 [THE PERFECT FENCE] Our intelligent Wireless Dog Fence and Training System for ONE DOG does not require you to bury any wires and adopts a 2.4GHz frequency without interfering with your other devices. This system includes one transmitter that is already paired with one receiver, a reflective stripe dog collar, and all the tools you will need for installation. This will save you time, work, and money! Your dog will thank you for the newfound freedom and quality time spent with you.
  • 🐾 [SAFETY AND TRAINING] In FENCE MODE, the transmitter screen displays distance in meters of 30/60/90/150/300. Select the appropriate size by pressing the blue MIN (-) or MAX (+) buttons. There will be some variation due to interference of walls and other obstacles. Proper use of the system requires testing around your home and yard. In TRAINING MODE, utilize the three red buttons on the right side of your transmitter- sound, vibration, and shock.
  • 🐾 [SELECT WHICH DOG TO TRAIN] If you purchase additional collars to pair with your system, in training mode, the screen will display the number 1, 2, or 3. These numbers represent the collar (AKA receiver) of the dog you will be training. Our system comes with one collar but can support more pups. Use “+” or “-” keys to select which dog will be trained. Please follow pairing instructions.
  • 🐾 [OUR WONDERFUL COLLAR SUITS DOGS OF ALL SIZES] The waterproof reflective-stripe collar can be adjusted in size from 7-27 inches. In addition, a set of silicone sleeves of a few length options are included, which can be freely selected according to the size of the dog or the length of the hair to prevent your pet from touching the metal of the receiver. Waterproof grade IP65, which allows your dog to safely play in the rain and have water fights with the kids. Safe in humid environments.
  • 🐾 [FOLLOW SAFETY GUIDE] The receiver (collars) will provide a warning sound and a static electric shock when the pup goes out of your selected range of the transmitter. When the transmitter is shut off before the receiver, this will cause the collar to lose signal, just as it would if the pup left the boundary and will trigger it to start beeping and shocking. Turn off receiver first then the transmitter to avoid an unnecessary shock to your dog. Follow safety & set-up instructions carefully.

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